Fortinieres 1st 60b Carp The Heffer Lump

Ultimate carp dreams les fortiners It was our first time at les fortiners, reading the catch reports and following the venue on face book leading up to our trip we were blown away with the size and the numbers of the fish hitting the bank. The week before we was due to arrive the colder weather kicked in, with warm days and very cold nights the fishing had slowed down a lot. Upon arrival we was greeted by Paul and Debbie, Paul showed us around and told us the fishing had slowed down, although there were a few fish out the previous week it had been very hard going. We done the draw and myself jamie got the two swims the far side of the lake behind the island, jamie got the far swim next to the back bay and I was to his left. The week started off to a flyer for jamie bagging 3 fish of 39.4 , 51.8 and a 41.8 all coming on the Sunday to his rod in the bay. It slowed down towards the end of the week jamie ended on six fish to 57lb It was the opposite for me in my swim, the fishing started off very slow so I decided I had to do something about it. I got in the boat found a couple of clear spots on firmer ground and baited heavily

with red reaper from north east baits. My first fish came on Wednesday evening as I was starting to think that the worse was going to happen, the dreaded blank. It was the rod on the baited area and it was a new personal best at 45lb on the nose, the weight was finally lifted off my shoulders. Nothing else happened for me until 1am Friday morning when something I never dreamed of happened. A slow take resulting in a hard fight I slipped the net under a huge mirror. On the scales it went 61lb 2oz les fortiners first ever 60+ fish and a new lake record which I got the name "THE HEFFER LUMP" I couldn't believe it and didn't get much sleep that night. In the morning Paul and Debbie and the rest of the party were on there way round to my swim with a bottle of champagne to celebrate, when my middle rod was away which was another one of the A team a fish known as cut tail at 53lb 4oz I was floating and still shaking from the first fish. After a few quick snaps and a brace shot with jamie as he landed a 57lb mirror we got the rods back on the spot. Again on the baited area at around 3.30 pm it was away again and would you believe it another 60+ mirror at 61lb 2oz now know as "VASH" what a dream session it had turned into from the difficult start. My final morning packing away at 9am the

same rod was off again. I was playing another very hard fighting fish I caught a glimpse of a massive common I was shaking I finally won the battle. I pulled the net mesh back to reveal "THE FOOTBALL COMMON" another of the A team at 55lb 8oz it's fair to say I went home a happy man, and still can't believe what actually happened in my last 36 hours. All my fish came on short 5" decepti- link D rigs tied with size 4 d-xcurves from deception angling. What a venue that definitely lives up to its slogan ultimate carp dreams. I would like to say thank you to Paul and Debbie and what a great job they do, how well it's looked after, what a very special place they have see you soon.

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