Carp Handling Procedure


From 2019 At Fortinieres The whole procedure is carried out in the water, new weigh posts have been installed in order to be able to do this

 Leave the carp in the landing net in the water.
Cut the line or remove the hook link if it’s attached via a ‘quick

link’. & only after the above the hook if possible at this point, leaving the carp in the net.

 Remove your wrist watch rings etc.
 Get your scales ready and zeroed on the tripod.  Put your chest waders on.
 Get your camera set up and ready.

Remove pole from landing net arms In the water at the same time slide the weigh sling under the fish and landing net and check that all fins are flat against the body.
Lift the sling & net out of the water straight into the cradle ( which needs to be in the swim at waters edge) with the fish and landing net both inside the sling just deduct the weight of the net plus sling later).

After weighing, lower the Carp into the 2nd cradle which is in the water tied to the edge of the swim, now remove the sling & Net And remove the hook if you were unable to before & treat if needed. This a very fast & safe procedure

Now you can take your photo’s with no risk of injury to the Carp
DO NOT ROLL the CARP OVER OR STAND ON ITS BELLY. Always remove the landing net from the head to the tail, so slidedown from the head to the tail.

If you need assistance Please call us we are more than happy to Help