The Rules set out Below are for the well being and protection of our Beautiful stock of carp and ensure they are with us for many years to come,Please read carefully the restrictions as by making a booking with us you are agreeing to our rules, anyone found to be Breaking the rules will be asked to leave along with the rest of the party, This will be strictly enforced.

Important ! please be aware that all anglers will need to verify the safety of there rigs before starting fishing !

No Sacking or Retention of the Carp 

Max of 3 Rods  Never left unattended,even with remotes.


All Photos And unhooking and weighing of the Carp at Fortinieres  is to be carried out in the Water

Please bring your Chest waders

KEEP THE CARP IN THE WATER, untill you have everything ready




Min 15lb mainline & hook links Mono mainline only No braid, No Flurocarbon No leaders of any type including leadcore or nylons,

MCF dumper lead clips or running leads that discharge on take only, Hook link must be tied with ONE material only braid coated not stripped back.. In other words, NO combi-links tubing must be used a min of 1 meter in length & glued so it does not move

No Zigs, No Hellecopter, No Chods, No 360s, No Ronnie rigs.

No Back leads, or Flying back leads ,Only Captive

Bait boats are allowed.  

NO BAIT OF ANY KIND EXCEPT FRESH OR FRESH FROZEN BOILIES IS TO BE BROUGHT TO THE LAKE No shelf life Boilies! No pellet! No particle! No nuts!No Maggots ! No Plastic or Artificial Baits

Please read the bait page  


you must also have Korda Propolis fish care with you

We Provide weigh slings, Landing nets and Cradles, you will need your own landing net for Jay Lake

Excessive Drinking will not be tolerated

No Pets

We reserve the right to change our rules for the protection of our Carp at anytime



The only bait that can be brought to and used At Les Fortinieres & Jay Lake is fresh or fresh frozen boilies to ensure optimum nutrition for our carp,and more carp on the bank for you as quality bait always out fishes the rest, we supply  Carp pellet, and particle mix.and these are the only items you can use here other than your Boilies

Mainline Boilies, Essential Cell have been the Lake's Favourite for many years but we no longer supply Boilies.

Carp Pellet 20 kilo sacks £50 10mm (we feed these during the closed season)

Large bucket of Particle £25

Maze or Fortinieres mix different grains